Northern Voices is a Concert Agency based in the North of England, specialising in providing soloists for choral/orchestral concerts worldwide.

From our very extensive knowledge of the repertoire and our large list of excellent soloists, we can offer both advice as to the requirements of a work, a full complement of soloists, or just an individual to complete a team of soloists already booked locally.

We can also offer any number of choral singers, from a complete full professional chorus, to just a few voices to strengthen a temporary weakness in your own chorus line.

The proprietor, Jolyon Dodgson, has 50 years' experience on the concert platform as soloist, professional chorister and conductor. He is always very happy to talk to any choral society about a prospective concert, without obligation of any kind, and to advise if required on any problem to do with the choral repertoire, performance standards and technical matters.

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Data relating to Artists and Promoters is held by Northern Voices solely for the purpose of enabling the promotion of classical music concerts by suggesting suitable Artists to Promoters according to the requirements of specific concert programmes.

Minimum information consisting only of name, postal address, email address(es) and telephone number(s) is held in a database access to which is available only to Jolyon Dodgson and to no-one else.

The information held is never, and never will be, provided to anyone else for any reason whatsoever, except as necessary and essential for the carrying out of the professional work enabled by Northern Voices.

The information  held by Northern Voices will never be used, or allowed to be used, for the communication of any advertising or other gratuitous material.